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New Compactors

With the cost of airspace ever increasing, there is more demand on landfill compactor wheels to place even more refuse in less airspace. Caron Compactor Co. continues to design and engineer field proven wheels with teeth and trashblades that provide unequaled performance for compactors of all sizes. With experience in landfill technology since 1969, waste handlers who expect the most for their investment insist on our leadership.

CARON COMPACTOR is recognized throughout the world as an industry leader due to the introduction of compaction wheels with high-alloy, replaceable "Pin-On" wheel caps. CARON wheels with Pin-On® Teeth are today marketed internationally on a full range of landfill compactors including AL-JON, BOMAG, CATERPILLAR, KOMATSU and TEREX. Other landfill products followed such as the CARON Double Semi-U® (DSU®) and Semi-U trashblades, the CARON Transfer Station wheel, vital axle and final drive guarding, as well specialized track shoes for both landfill and transfer station applications.



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Wheels for New Compactors


Pin-On Teeth for New Compactors

Pin-On® Teeth

Blades for New Compactors


Guards for New Compactors


Sheepsfoot for New Compactors


Caron Quality Video

Caron Quality Video

Caron builds wheels for:

  • CAT
    • 816B, 816F, 816F2, 816K
    • 826C, 826G, 826H, 826K
    • 836, 836G, 836H, 836K
    • BC 472RB, 572RB, 672
    • 772, 972, 1172RB
  • AL-JON
    • Advantage 500, 525, 600
    • TC 400, TC 550


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